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The gated residential development property of Vistas Teresita awaits you. Overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan near Panajachel in Guatemala, this spectacular Lake view property is a dream come true.

At Vistas Teresita we offer for sale custom residential homes built with you 042307 001in mind. These American-style houses, from a Realty standpoint are built beyond engineering requirements to provide a level of safety unmatched in Guatemala and throughout Central America. We overbuild these homes using heavier gauge steel than required so that future homeowners have the ability to add on without concern. We have photos of each stage of development showing how the footings, walls, floors and ceilings were made before and after the addition of the concrete. Structural integrity of these buildings are of utmost importance to you and to us and you can rest assured that the construction is first rate.

The stunning views of Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes, that is to say the absolutely stunning views (see the photos and videos) are breathtaking. To imagine every morning waking up to a cup of coffee on the lookout of the home or from any of the rooms which all feature views is a pleasant thought. Begin each day admiring God’s work as He shares it with you. Throughout the day enjoy the pleasant vista available wherever you go in your new home. And in the evening, the millions of stars in the sky overlooking you overlooking the volcanoes and the Lakeā€¦ you get the picture!

This Lake Atitlan Realty is for sale today to the discriminating buyer who requires tranquility, privacy, security, convenience and most of all, the most beautiful and spectacular view of Lake Atitlan to be found in any gated development to date. You must come and see what we’re talking about.

At Vistas Teresita we await your arrival. Don’t delay, offerings are limited.

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